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Adventure tour will start from Surabaya. through the city, mountains, ocean, valley and through the forest. and you will be able to further knowledge on the estate. by increasing knowledge on coffee plantations, clove, nutmeg, spices. Mount Bromo, ijen crater and estates, all that you will get the beauty and secrets behind it.

Trip List :

Day     : 01
Date    :
Place   : Surabaya
To Mt.bromo

Destination shall we start from surabaya, we will pick you from the airport, hotel, train station malang cty where you are, then we go to  Mt.Bromo which takes approximately 4 hours. on the trip, we’ll take you to lunch at the local restorant around. when we get around Mount Bromo you will stay one night in  bromo permai hotel or lava view hotel. around the hotel where you can see and enjoy the beauty of Mount Bromo and Mount batok and also from there semeru mountains can be seen. Mount Semeru or Sumeru is the highest volcano in Java, with Mahameru peak, 3676 meters above sea level (masl).

Bromo mountain

Day     :02
Date    :
Place   : Mt. Bromo to Banyuwangi city

Around 04.00 am, 4×4 jeep will take you to Mount Pananjakan. In this place, you will see the sun rise, and you will also see the beauty of the mountains that lined the nearby Mount Bromo. include: Mount Bromo, Mount Semeru, Mount shells, sunrise mountain, and also you can see the mist on the sea of ​​sand or mist caldera. after visiting Pananjakan, travel will be forwarded to the slopes of Mount Bromo to the parking area. Here, you can ride a horse, or you can walk to the top of the mountain bromo.it takes 25 minutes to get to the summit of Mount Bromo.
at around 7:30 to 8:00, we’re back to the hotel for breakfast, bathing, preparing to check out. journey to banyuwang will take approximately 6 hours, and then we will transfer you to surabaya. we will leave hotel around 09:00 to 09:30 hours. after you arrive at banyuwangi, you will stay overnight at ketapang indah hotel, or watudodol hotel. for dinner, you can book at the hotel.

Day     : 03
Date    :
Place   : Ijen Crater –Hotel

Around 4:30, we will continue the journey to the mountain ijen. you will use 4×4 vehicles jeep. because the road to ijen very difficult. from the hotel to the parking area palltuding takes 1.5 hours. Paltuding very interesting journey, precisely in the jambu village, where you will pass the coffee plantations, clove, and cinnamon which you may visit after ijen mountain. after passing through the plantation, you will be presented with a view of the rainforest, in which there are a wide range of plants, large trees, and the most interesting is the giant ferns that exist in ancient times. after the rain forest, you will reach the parking area. from the parking area, you will walk as far as three kilometers. about 2 kilo meters uphill and 1 kilo meter flat. after that you dat ijen enjoy the beauty of the mountain. It is inside a larger caldera Ijen, which is about 20 kilometers wide.
Resting on the edge of the crater at an altitude of 2883 meters and enjoy best panorama of the lake. The sulfur mining workers go down into the crater and climb back up by passing dangerous path on the edge of Ijen Crater with the load as much as 60-100 kilograms on their shoulders. This is really a dangerous & hard jobDo not forget to take a panorama of nature with your camera. the beauty of God’s creation which show the presence of the mountain is a symbol of greatness. after from ijen we will get back to the hotel, you will spend the night in the hotel, you can relax, or you can visit the city banyauwangi and tradional market.

Day     : 04
Date    :
Place   : Kaliklatak plantation To Bali

         In the morning, after your breakfast and enjoy the beauty of the hotel or after rest, approximately 07.30 you have to check out of the hotel, and we would go to the estate kaliklatak plantation. and after that. The main commodities of Kaliklatak which include coffee, cocoa, rubber, cloves and spices. At the highest, Hargosonyo, you can enjoy views of the city of Banyuwangi. Kaliklatak developed in the field of pepper, cloves, nutmeg, vanilla, cinnamon, keninger, eucalyptus, coconut and fruits such as bananas, citrus and litchi. then, we will proceed to banyuwangi city, lunch at local restorant. then go to the island of Bali by the same route. we will arrive approximately at Bali in the afternoon. that’s where we’ll finish the program.

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