This trip will be from bali then we proceed to ijen crater, enjoying the beauty of the ijen crater, after that the journey will continue to Kalibaru to stay one night. in the morning, you will also visit coffee plantations, rubber plantations and cocoa plantations. Then proceed to theSukamade sukamade turtle beach.

Trip List :


Day        :01
Date      :
Place     : Bali to Banyuwangi Hotel
The first adventure, we begin to pick up you at around 7:00 Am in Bali. Our staff will pick up you at the airport, or hotel like Pemuteran, Nusadua, Ubud, Sanur or Kuta area. then we proceed in West Bali, Exactly in Gilimanuk port. to reach the port ketapang, we will cross the Bali strait that lasted about an hour. From Airport bali towards banyuwangi is about 4 hours, your trip will be presented with a beautiful beach and local communities bali and java. Upon arrival, you will stay and relax at the hotel.

Day     : 02
Date    :
Place   : Ijen Crater To – Kalibaru Plantation
Around 4:30 Am, we will continue the journey to mount ijen. you will use 4×4 vehicles jeep. because the road to Ijen is quite steep. From the hotel to thePaltuding  parking area takes 1.5 hours. It will be an interesting journey, On the way, you will pass banyuwangi traditonal market then plantations and the last is rainforest. around jambu vilage you will be presented with a view of the rainforest, in which there are a wide range of plants, large trees, and the most interesting is the giant ferns that exist in ancient times. after the rain forest, you will reach the parking area. Then you will walk as far as three kilometers. moreless 2 kilo meters uphill and 1 kilo meter flat. At last you will arive at the view point of ijen crater. The lake of ijen is about one kilometer wide and 200 mtrs deep,with the most acid water lake on this planet ( 0,5 ph ) and beautiful tourquise lake colour.
Resting on the edge of the crater on 2883 mtrs Asl enjoy the best panorama of the lake.The sulfur mining workers go down into the crater and climb back up by passing dangerous path on the edge of Ijen Crater with the load as much as 60-100 kilograms on their shoulders. This is really a dangerous & hard job, Don’t forget to take panorama photo of nature with your camera. the beauty of God’s creation which show the presence of the mountain is a symbol of greatness.after enjoying the beauty of natural scenery Ijen crater, then we will back to Banyuwangi city to continue the trip to Kalibaru and stay overnight and relax at the hotel which close to plantation (coffee, rubber and cocoa) with a nice view of  the hills.

Day        : 03
Date      :
Place     : Kalibaru plantation To Sukamade Turtle Beach
In the morning after breakfast, our staff will take you around the estate. Our staff will show you a very beautiful place to enjoy the beauty of the estate and the hills. There, you will get an additional thrill and beauty of science and nature. You can also bike to enjoy the beauty of the area Kalibaru hightland. so in your vacation, you will gain experience and knowledge about the plantation, that wouldn’t be forgotten. afterwards we’ll take you to the nearest restorant for lunch, and after leaving the hotel, we will move on to Sukamade turtle beach.
Sukamade is more challenge journey, because we’ll cross the river, villages, rain forests, beaches. Sukamade turtle beach is one part of Merubetiri National Park and is a zone of intensive observation and conservation for sea turtles.Right here, visitors can see the big turtle that laying her eggs on the white sands (green turtle,leather back turtle,olive ridley turtle/// watch close and they can touch  turtle. Sukamade is a beautiful white sand beach, the sea water is still clean, protected forest consists of various crops. The most typical is the turtle spawning areas.For those seeking a beach is still beautiful and natural, beach Sukamade can be an alternative for those seeking a beach. It’s  still beautiful and natural. Sukamade protected area lodging facilities there, the way to Sukamade severely damaged more than 30 km. so it can only be passed with a 4×4 car.
To see turtles laying eggs on the beach, it all depends on natural conditions. but many of the visitors can see and watch the turtles but very few visitors, can not see, because of the condition of natural change. keep in mind, in Sukamade, nothing fancy. because there is a total area of ​​forest and away from the village, so you can only stay overnight at GUEST HOUSE or cottage. Sukamade trip is a trip full of charm.

Day     : 04
Date    :          
Place   :Sukamade Turtle Beach To Bali
Around5:30 you will get a special tour. we will invite you to the beach for the baby turtle release. where you will get motivation and struggles baby turtle crawling towards the sea. completion we will go back to the hotel / guest house there you will get a full breakfast and afterwards we will make preparations to check out .

Payment information:Weaccept payment 20%viabanktransferand the balancecan be paidat the time ofpick-up.the payment has already includes tax and service. so all the price are net.


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