Sukamade Turtle Beach is one part of Meru National Park and is a zone Betiri intensive use for observation and release turtle hatchlings. In this beach visitors can watch turtle nesting.

Sukamade is a beautiful white sand beach, ocean water is still clean, protected forest composed of a variety of plants. The most typical is the sea turtle spawning areas.

sukamade is located in the area of natural conservation park of meru betiri in district of banyuwangi. white sand coast is an interesting object in the coast of sukamade, where the sea water is still dean and the natural forest consists of varieties of plantations.  besides that, a very unique things in the coast of sukamade is the place where sea turtles lay eggs. the turtles laying eggs are usually occured at night.  Sukamade protected area lodging facilities there,the road to Sukamade severely damaged more than 30km. so itcan only be pass with a  4x4car.

Betiri Meru National Park is a lowland tropical rain forest with a diversity of flora and fauna, the park’s many endangered species. in this park are the attractions that give a new feel to the visitors.

include: beach Rajegwesi.
Rajegwesi is green bay beach with beautiful white sandy beaches and sea green.
Sukamade beach is in the merubetiri nasionala park, so for visitors who want to see the turtle hatching will definitely pass rajeg wesi coast

The number of flora in the park are more than 355 species(92 families)  include several endemic species such us:

  • Padmosari (raffiesiazolingerriana)
  • Balanopther fungosa
  • Pule pandak

The number of fauna in the national park are more than 181 species. Consist of insect, primates replites, and mamals, some of them are:

  • Leopard (panthera pardus)
  • Wild pig (sus spp)
  • Javan tiger ( phantera tigris sondaica)

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