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Ijen Crater, or Ijen Volcano, or known as Kawah Ijen for local is located in Banyuwangi regency, East Java, Indonesia. Ijen Crater has the biggest acid water lake in the world, the lake is 1 km wide and 200 meters depth. and  its measured 0,5 ph in acidity. The temperature of the water on the lake is warm (35-40 degrees Celcius)

This volcano has 2.386 meters high above sea level, one the active volcano in Indonesia also in Java. Based on data says that the last eruption was on 2010, it was closed temporary for any activities (Mining and hiking).

This volcano has very spectacular lake view and also the phenomenon of Blue fire. this volcano is very famous not only for local but also for foreigner tourist.

Many travel agents offers Ijen Crater tour package, such us ; Ijen Crater tour from Bali, Ijen Crater tour from Surabaya, Ijen Volcano tour from Malang, event Ijen Volcano tour from Yogyakarta. Ijen Blue fire tour or Ijen Blue flame tour are another option tour package they offer.

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